Monday, September 22, 2014

Cool Things (last) Week

  • The xbox is still very new, and continues to be a favored activity. The favorite game right now is lego star wars: the complete saga. D is advancing through levels and unlocking characters at (what appears to my inexperienced eyes) an impressive pace, and also learning how to cooperate with little bro who also loves to play but isn't exactly helpful... We also just got a kinect over the weekend with a couple games for it, the boys tried it out last night for the first time. There is some interesting kinesthetics/body awareness learning that goes on there...
  • D started working on a hero factory comic book, using a printable set I found online. We've cut up scenes and speech bubbles and he's pasted most of them in the order he wants. He's ding work on it little by little.
  • We spent one afternoon at a local kids science museum, D was super into the ball runs, working with gears, and this other exhibit where you could make a vortex in a tube filled with water which led to talking about tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • One morning D asked about wanting to see animal babies being born, which led to some youtube-watching of videos of elephant, kangaroo, and dolphin births. 
  • We also had some continuing cool conversations about cloning, the ethics of cloning people to build an army, how genetics relate to personality, the ethics of experimenting on humans vs animals, ways that scientists have studied and altered animal behavior, etc (based on the clone troopers in star wars).

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