Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cool Things This Week

  • Visited a local zoo. Fave animals this visit: giraffes, elephants, meerkats, and the alligator.
  • Random ongoing conversations about coal vs oil and fossil fuel vs renewable energy, and the economics of each (cost of production, who pays that cost, and options for subsidizing to encourage consumption of certain kinds of energy over others).
  • Took a 2day trip to visit a friend who lives 2hrs away. I love having that sort of flexibility mid-week. 
  • Started working on a hero factory comic book story (using a printable template from lego). He's cut out and pasted several story panels in the order he wants them, and added some speech bubbles for me to fill in. 
  • D is still loving his lego star wars game on the xbox and is advancing through levels faster than ever. He's also getting into other games, like the ninjago spinners game and monopoly junior (which I just got yesterday, yard sale score!). 
  • This morning we went on a short hike through a nearby redwoood grove, where we counted over 23 banana slugs (we stopped keeping track after that).

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