Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cool Things This Week

  • Not exactly a "cool thing" but D's betta fish died this week, and the boys buried it in our garden. 
  • On wednesday D helped me with washing some laundry, and then declared that all wednesdays should be "cleaning day" and helped me make a list of chores to do on those days. I'm curious to see if this sticks at all. ; ) 
  • Went swimming at a friend's pool this afternoon. They had a super-soaker water gun with a pressure gauge-- D liked watching the pressure go up as he pumped, and down as he blasted the water. 
  • D told me countless stories about what if he were a jedi knight and how he would rewrite the Star Wars storylines. I should sneak-write this stuff down. 
  • We found a book at the library on unusual creatures, have been reading our way through it. D also picked out a book on scorpions that he says is his current favorite book. 

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