Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It kinda feels like we're cheating...

Yesterday was a pretty great day.

The boys woke up early, as usual, around 5:30am. They turned on the xbox and played Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars while Zach and I slept in for another hour, then we all got up and got ready for the morning. Zach had a bit of time before having to go to work (very rare) so he walked Q to preschool while D and I stayed home. We watched a little Walking with Dinosaurs, then D played some more xbox (he plays well with Q, but certainly enjoys some time to play the game on his own or with me). I played a couple levels with him, then packed a bunch of snacks to bring with us for our park day that afternoon.

After picking Q up from school we went straight up to a park in SF to meet up with a local homeschooling group. I joined this group back in July, right after we moved, but only made it out to a couple of meetups and it was a battle to get out the door because after all the chaos of moving D just wanted to hang out at home all the time. So we took a break from the group for a while. Lately D has been more flexible and willing to leave the house, so we're trying it out again. And we had a good time yesterday-- we didn't stay very long, but I met some other moms, and D and Q enjoyed running around the playground. It felt more relaxed than some of the other meetups, I think partially because I took pressure off us to MEET PEOPLE MAKE FRIENDS and instead focused on enjoying some time outside and getting to check out another playground. I did get to have a good short chat with a couple moms in the group, which was a nice bonus.

On our way home from the playgroup we stopped at Target and bought toy light sabers, then we spent the afternoon watching light saber tutorial videos on youtube and then testing out the fight moves and strategies outside. We had some fairly epic light saber battles.

We topped off the day with a little more xbox play before dinner. Zach came home early so joined us to eat, then we walked to the library to pick up some books I had on hold, did a little more light saber fighting, read some books, and off to bed.

So yeah, a pretty awesome day. And I've gotta say, it kinda feels like we're cheating, like this is too good to be true. And it's not like it's always super awesome-- they're not all great days. Some days we're frustrated, some days we can't find our groove. Some days the voices of doubt are so loud inside my head that I can hardly think. Then I read up on long-term unschoolers and how they do it and how their families have turned out, and I start to believe that it really can be this simple-- a thought that is so incredibly freeing when I fully let it sink in. I really feel like one of the hardest parts of this journey is/will just be keeping those nagging doubts at bay.

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