Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cool Things This Week

  • Last week we visited friends in Wisconsin, which was awesome and wonderful and fun. We got to drive and see a bit of the Illinois and Wisconsin landscape, spend lots of time playing and hanging out with our dear friends, D & Q tried out a bunch of new(to-us) video games, etc. It's been a challenge to find friends for D here since our move this summer, so it was pretty great to get to watch him hang out with his best buddy again. 
  • D's interest in warhammer miniatures has been sparked again, and he and Zach had an animated conversation this evening about miniatures, and about war weapons and tanks (both from the game and real, from WWII). They also set up a small battle with Zach's old army men.
  • Dinovember has started again, we did it last year and all had a good bit of fun with it. I've got some fun ideas for our dinos this time around...
  • Yesterday we went to the Bay Area Science Festival, which was all sorts of awesome. We saw remote-control robots, we built a couple simple machines incorporating hydraulics, D tried his hand at hacking a key code, we watched a demonstration on effusive vs explosive volcanic eruptions, I got to touch a real (dead) squid (the boys refused, only watched), and a bunch of other really cool stuff. 

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