Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cool Things This Week

  • We met up with a new-to-us local homeschool group on monday, and had a great long afternoon playing at a new park with them.
  • D and I tried out the YMCA pool. He's not interested in doing formal swim lessons, but loves playing around in the water and I think just me and him spending time at the pool every week could get him to a good place. And, it's fun. 
  • We picked up a new batch of Scooby Doo books from the library and the boys are continuing to enjoy them.
  • We attended a different park day where kids of all ages played out this massive battle using homemade foam-and-duct-tape weapons. D and Q had a great time, and are plotting out how to make their own foam weapons now.
  • D drew out a map of some of the planets in the Star Wars/Clone Wars galaxy, with markers for who they are occupied by (republic/separatist/neutral). 
  • D continues to make up his own version of just about everything he experiences, telling me stories of new games and movies he wants to make, and made-up animals he has dreamed up, and stories about General D the Jedi Master, etc. It's not always easy for me to listen patiently to his sometimes-endless monologues about things, but I love that he creates these worlds in his head. 

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