Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cool Things This Week

Lots of cool stuff the past couple weeks:

  • We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for one of their homeschool days. I love that D shares my fascination with creatures of the deep, including cephalopods. We also all spent time playing at the beaches in Monterey, climbing rocks and finding sea anemones.
  • D and I went on a boat "ecovoyage" in the SF bay, with a local marine research institute. He helped throw over a large fishing net and catch fish, dig through mud from the bottom of the bay to find critters, got his turn to steer the boat, and we learned some cool stuff about boats in general and about plankton in the seat. I'm hoping D will still be interested by summer, when he can sign up for one of their camps.
  • D made up his own tabletop battle game, using his warhammer miniatures vs Zach's old army men, poker chips to represent each fighter's "healths", and cut out paper "targeters" for aiming and hitting each other. I was pretty impressed, and I think most of it just came from readsing bits and pieces of the warhammer book a friend gave us.
  • D got a new betta fish (after his first one died...). We're talking about getting some sort of rodent pet after the holidays, we'll see... 

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