Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cool Things This Week

  • We visited the Hiller Aviation Museum nearby, where the boys got to sit inside a cockpit of a real boeing 747, and see a bunch of old-timey airplanes and helicopters. 
  • D has been very reluctant to read chapter books with me (me reading aloud to him), but I grabbed a Scooby Doo "beginner" chapter book from the library (it's very short, can be read in one sitting) and he was really into it. I picked up some more from the library yesterday, and he was just as excited to read those with me as well. The books themselves are kind of terrible, but I'm happy for him to be excited to read books that are a step up from picture books. 
  • We joined the local YMCA, D and I are excited to use their indoor pool during the week. 
  • We had two birthday parties this weekend, one of which included pony rides, a bounce house, and a petting zoo. D's favorite was feeding the goats. 

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