Saturday, November 15, 2014

Finding our group

One thing I have been missing about D going to school has been the easy access to a bunch of other kids his age. It's been tough trying to establish a new social circle here, and at times I have longed for the ease of D seeing the same group of kids every day at school and finding friends that way. I don't really consider myself anti-social, but I am an introvert and so extending myself to try to connect with others is exhausting. I joined one or two homeschool groups soon after we moved here in the summer, but then D was having such a hard time not wanting to leave the house, so we didn't always (or even often) make it out to park days. And even when we did I felt it was really difficult for D to go join in with the group of kids who already all knew each other.

Still on the lookout, I found out about a different local group and on Monday we went to one of their park days, and to my amazement and relief the whole thing just felt so great. The parents were very warm and welcoming, immediately introducing me and the boys to everyone else there. And more importantly, after a few minutes of sticking by my side, soon D was out running and playing with the other kids and having a great time. For the first time, it felt like he really connected with the other kids there. We had a great time hanging out at the park for a few hours. Many of the parents there seem to be more on the unschooling/life learning side of things, which also felt great-- homeschooling is a strange enough choice, opting to unschool can feel even more lonely at times. It's good to have a few like-minded souls for support and sharing.

The moms there then told me about a different meetup that happens on fridays, where kids of all ages meet up for these epic mock-battles, which sounded totally up my boys' alley. So we went to that as well, and many of the same families were there, and again my boys both joined in and had a great time.

I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I feel really good about this new group of people, and plan to become a regular at their park days. It feels like we've kinda turned a corner. And I figured this would happen, sooner or later-- that we may just need to spend a bit more time searching but would eventually find a crew to join. I feel like we're starting to really find our groove, and it's really nice.

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