Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cool Things This Week

  • We had a party to celebrate Q's 4th birthday this weekend. I baked the cake myself, but the boys loved making the frosting, and had fun playing with friends at the party itself. 
  • My mom is in town for a week, so that's awesome and fun. We are enjoying her presence very much.
  • Q got an early birthday gift of a small indoor trampoline. It's been quite a hit with both boys.
  • D came up to me a few days ago with a sudden desire to build a lego transformer, that really transformed. We did a little googling and found a youtube video with instructions, and built our own version of Bumblebee. I was pretty proud of both of us.
  • I read a suggestion to use streamers to make pretend lasers going across a hallway for kids to go through as like an obstacle course, so we tried that this week. D then got the idea to make a whole training course through the house, using the small orange cones we have for outside play, as well as blankets, pillows, small beads (as bombs) and whatever else he could get his hands on. 

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