Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cool Things This Week

  • Zach took the boys to a lego exhibit this weekend, where whole miniature lego cities were on display. After mentioning recently that D seemed to have shifted away from building original creations from legos, he came home from that exhibit and immediately built a small transforming mech/ship, and another adorable little lego spaceship. This morning he made a larger mech big enough for a minifig to sit in, using a mixture of lego bricks and hero factory pieces. 
  • They also went to a physics show for kids this morning, and came back excitedly telling me about all they saw (including how if they covered my phone in aluminum foil it disrupts the signal and won't ring). 
  • We're re-working our lego sorting system, having just bought a new set of plastic drawers to sorting pieces into. This morning D helped me write out some of the labels for the drawers (I was surprised when he volunteered, and was even disappointed when he had to stop because it was time for him and his dad to go to the physics show). 
  • D is officially enrolled in a weekly gymnastics class. He is super beyond excited about it. 
  • At one of our weekly park days D took plastic cups and rubber bands (intended for making marshmallow shooters) and used them to make body armor for his arms and legs. He then kept working at it with our own supplies at home later that day. 
  • Several days ago D mentioned how it would be a good idea if the military used robots instead of soldiers to fight, so that fewer people would be hurt or killed. So I told him about how they do use drones for a lot of things now, and then remembered a NOVA/PBS documentary on drones and we watched it. Which then led to all sorts of (age-appropriate) discussions about the pros and cons of droids, and why people don't like them, and the complexities of war and how things are rarely black-and-white, good vs evil. 

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