Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cool Things This Week

  • We are currently obsessed with They Might Be Giant's Here Comes Science album. It's playing nonstop in the car these days. 
  • D watched a bunch of homemade lego star wars stop-action films people have posted on youtube, then made a new one of his own inspired by them.
  • The weather has been absolutely gorgeous the past week, and so we've spent a lot of time out at parks and playgrounds taking advantage of it.
  • D figured out pumping! It was so cool to watch him practicing on the swings today, and seeing how things *clicked* when he got it right. I don't know if this was part of it or not, but shortly before I mentioned that pumping on a swing is kinda like playing a game with gravity. I think he liked that. 
  • We found a fun book at the library that's about prehistoric animals, and filled with riddles and puns. It has been very popular so far. 

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