Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lately... (kind of a "cool things" catch-up)

We've gone on a couple tide pool walks in the past month or so, one hosted by MSI and another we just went and met up with friends. We spotted sea anemones and plenty of snails and hermit crabs, but on the second trip Zach and D also saw part of a small octopus, an eel, and a starfish, which sounded amazing.

We went to Texas for a week over the holidays to spend time with my family. The boys had a grand ole time with their grandparents, aunts & uncle, and cousins.

After (unsuccessfully) trying to encourage him to do tae kwon do and soccer, D tried out a gymnastics class a couple weeks ago and LOVED it. So we're gonna sign him up for the weekly class. I'm pretty excited for him, and hope his enthusiasm for it keeps up. They also hold "open gym" hours that I can bring both boys to, so that should be a huge win.

D is still very into legos, but has shifted away from building his own original creations. He's more into building sets using instructions (from sets or found online via LDD), and playing with the minifigures (setting up battles, pretend play, and using them in stop-action movies). I'm curious to see if this is a phase or a bigger shifting away. I also wonder if part of it is our lego organization, if having the pieces more separated and available/easy to view would impact things.

We've been working on a hero factory story the past week or two. D recites to me, and I type it onto a document. In the past when I've tried to help him with writing his stories down he'll get a few sentences in and kinda lose steam. But this time we have a solid 3 pages going, with multiple storylines. I brought up to him how we could print out the pages, add illustrations, and make a book to share with others. He seemed into the idea, but we'll see how follow-through goes.

Our friends made the boys these super awesome t-shirts with a logo for our "school." I kinda wanna go make up a bunch of other PFA gear now. ; )

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