Monday, February 16, 2015

Strewing on the walls

At the last homeschool park day we went to last week, one of the moms mentioned that she has all these posters with maps and diagrams, etc, up in her bathroom because she realized her kids spend a lot of time, er, "sitting on the throne" and are thus still enough to notice and become interested in things that they otherwise might not notice in other parts of the house.

I thought this was genius. And so true. It feels like often my kids don't notice things I've tried to strew around the houser because they are already so caught up in what they're doing, they just don't see it or pay much attention to it.

I came home from that park day and found a poster about the history of the earth that I had forgotten we had, and put it up in the bathroom. That night during bath time, both boys started asking questions about it and having me read parts of it to them. Squeewoot!

I've been thinking of where else I can utilize this idea, where else they tend to sit still long enough to let their minds and eyes wander and notice things they may otherwise look over... and the kitchen is another good spot, so I'm trying to take advantage of that. Scrolling through pinterest the other day I came across these "math garden" stones and for once thought a pinterest idea was both 1) awesome and 2) doable by me, so I grabbed some construction paper and scissors and made a few visual representations of common fractions and posted them around the kitchen (where we tend to use fractions most, when we do bake, and also where I hoped they'd catch their eye while sitting at the table eating.

I'm kinda excited about all the possibilities here... =)

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