Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Lemonade Stand

Earlier this week I invited D to make lemon muffins with me, using lemons from a bush next to our house. Once the muffins were in the oven he asked about making lemonade, so he ran out to get a few more lemons and we got to working on some lemonade. In the middle of that, he got the idea to make even more lemonade, and sell it for cash. I wondered if this would be one of those things that he thought of fleetingly, then quickly lost interest in, but nope-- he ran out to get more lemons and spent much of the morning and squeezing the juice out of them. I helped him make some simple syrup and mix in water, then he wrote up a sign and set up his little shop on the front yard. I wondered how long he would sit out there before getting bored... Welp, he was out there for a good hour and a half, with enough customers straggling through that he stayed encouraged. He at first set his price a bit high, but after a customer complaint adjusted it down (from $3 to $1 per cup) and sold 9 cups.

That was on tuesday. He talked about selling more lemonade on wednesday but he kinda got distracted with other stuff, but then yesterday (saturday) he got himself all set up again and sold more lemonade. I'm curious to see how long he'll keep it up, but I am so proud of him for following through on this idea of his.

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