Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cool Things This Week

  • Discovering the Plague Inc game on the ipad. D and I have both kinda gotten into this game. It feels strange to be rooting for the obliteration of the human species, but it's fun trying to figure out your strategy for your disease. And the game provides a lot of potential for exploring geography, medical/health topics, and checking out different charts and graphs. 
  • My Homeschooler magazine came in the mail! Always good for a bit of inspiration. 
  • We've been catching up on disney/pixar movies we've missed over the years. In the past week or so we've watched Big Hero 6 and Wall-E for the first time-- D really loved Wall-e, and watched it 3 times this week. 
  • Last weekend our homeschool group held a family picnic. It was a neat chance to see the whole families together, as usually at park days it's just the moms and kids. The picnic was also held at one of my favorite parks, which this time of year has a shallow creek running through one side of it. The kids spent several hours running around splashing in the water and climbing on trees while we grownups chatted and shared food. It was pretty great. 
  • D participated in a sleep study one night this week, in our attempts to figure out if we can get him some better sleep. The experience may not have been that "cool" but certainly was a learning experience. The next day I took D to the lego store to pick out something fun to help ease the comfort of the ordeal he'd just undergone, and we also picked out a small set for Q so he wouldn't feel totally left out of everything. When we got home D decided to open and put together Q's set first (he usually puts them together for Q) so that it would be ready for him to play with as soon as he got home from preschool. It just seemed such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. 
  • D has been in this very sweet, helpful mood this week. Last night we decided to eat dinner outside and Zach asked the boys to set the table and chairs out there. D hopped at the chance, setting everything up for us. He also unloaded the dishwasher several times this week. I'm sure this eagerness will wear off at some point (or wax and wane, surely) but I am loving it right now, and I think he likes being part of the running of the household. 

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