Monday, May 18, 2015

Cool Things This Week

  • We got a bunny rabbit! His name is Pippin. It's fun getting to know a new animal. Their body language and preferences are fairly different from cats, so that's all kinda fascinating.
  • Branching out from the rabbit, the pots of parsley we planted weeks ago will now be much more useful as Pippin is a big fan. I'm working on a whole little herb garden in our kitchen of plants we can feed our new pet. 
  • We're most of the way through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban audiobook in the car. I love how into it D is getting. In his own classic style, each time we get out of the car he tells me how whatever we just listened to, would be different in his own version of the story. I'm biting my tongue whenever he talks about how they should save Buckbeak and maybe Buckbeak will be the one to get Sirius Black. ;) 
  • We've been spending 2-3 afternoons per week, on average, out at parks lately, which feels good. They're having fun with friends and getting lots of outdoor time running on the grass and playing with sticks and in streams, etc. I'm glad I can help provide that for them. 

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