Friday, May 22, 2015

The Unschooling Life podcasts

I was recently pointed to The Unschooling Life podcasts. I've only listened to a couple of the episodes so far (they're around 15-20 mins each), but it feels like these will be a great resource for examining, self-reflecting, and re-energizing our unschooling approach.

The first episode I listened to is on "gaps" and being "behind" which is of course a common worry among many of us unschoolers. And there was some really great stuff here. One story was told my a mom who herself was a math teacher, but whose child wasn't very into math. She spoke of the difficulty of letting go of that expectation of wanting your kids to be "good at math," and her own realization that while it's great to study things like algebra and geometry, they're not really necessary for everyone. That most people will rarely use the specific skills learned in those classes, in their everyday life, and that more than anything those practices are more about training the mind to think logically which can also be done in other ways.

There was also a quote by another mom and I can't remember it exactly but she was speaking about the gaps in her own traditional schooling education, and said something about how she hadn't become aware of just how many gaps she had in her own knowledge until she started unschooling her kids. Which is something I have felt as well-- that it is in this process that I am becoming aware of how many things I don't know, and how great it is to get to explore those topics now (at least the ones that I *do* want to learn more about). I realized that, as we've been watching a few cool documentaries on space, that my 7yo probably knows more about the universe and our solar system than I have through most of my life.

The podcast episode on Siblings also had some insights that struck a chord and have me reflecting on the way my kids interact with each other, and me with each of them.

So yeah, seems like there's a lot of good stuff here. I'm looking forward to listening to more of them.

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