Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stuff we've been up to:

  • Q finished up preschool last week, so both boys are home full time now and will be for the time being (we've decided not to send him back to preschool in the fall, but that deserves its own post). Wheeee! =) 
  • Q has had soccer camp in the mornings this week, with school BFF is in the same class so they're having a blast with that.
  • After soccer camp we've been playing at the playground of the same park, which the boys have enjoyed. Twice now we have seen a woman with her adorable corgi puppy, and D has made friends with them. Today he was helping train the puppy with commands and give him treats. The whole thing was just so darling (including the woman who was so sweet with D, and remembered his name after their first meeting).
  • Both boys are very into Iron Man right now, and Q also obsessed with DareDevil. 
  • Inspired partially by Stark Industries, D is talking nonstop about the company he wants to start in a few years that will do everything from make Iron Man suits at affordable prices to take animals on adventures and a whole bunch of other things he's told me that I've forgotten. His offices will start as one tower, but expand to underground buildings worldwide, and will include on-site daycare and schools for the employee's children. (no seriously, he came up with all that himself)
  • We got D a 3DS recently, and he also was introduced to Total Annihilation by his dad and uncle, so he's been in like gaming heaven the past week or so. 

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