Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Role of an Unschooling Parent

 A list a friend posted online. I want to print this list and keep it within easy eyesight. I'm working on trying to embody each of these, I often feel like I'm not interesting or providing enough variety of experiences, but I'm working on it.

#1: Show respect for all of a child's interests equally.
#2: Keep the child in mind as I go through life, so that I notice things that might be of interest to that child.
#3: Find ways to include the child in my own daily life - live a more"open-book' life than the norm.
#4: Follow up on things the child is interested in - and do this in a wide variety of ways, not only by "getting him a book on it."
#5: Live a family life that is rich with experiences of a variety of kinds both at home and outside the home.
#6: Have resources around the home that are interesting and stimulating - things that will encourage exploration of ideas.
#7: Discuss things - spend time in conversation. This is probably overall the most important parental"action' involved in unschooling.
#8: Have a"playful' attitude - play together, have fun, appreciate the amazing world around you. Don't be cynical, be able to be amazed and find the world a fascinating place. THIS is the most important"attitude' for an unschooling parent.
#9: Be self-aware of your own thinking and behavior. Purposely stretch your imagination - question your own assumptions, check your own automatic impulses.
#10: Be very observant of what your child is really doing - don't view him/her in a shallow superficial way. Recognize that there is a reason for a child's actions, that a child is"born to learn' and is always learning. Get to know your child's own special favored ways of learning.

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