Unschooling Links

A compilation of links that I have found helpful in my reading and learning about unschooling.

Introductions to Unschooling
Zenhabits Beginner's Guide
Unschoolery's Damn Good Guide to Unschooling
Unschooling 101 (by a grown unschooler)

Blogs and Websites
I'm Unschooled and Yes I Can Write
Sandra Dodd
Project-Based Homeschooling
Living Joyfully

The Unschooling Life podcast by Amy Childs

Research and Studies:
Research Facts on Homeschooling
How Do Unschoolers Turn Out? (KQED article on Peter Gray's survey of grown unschoolers)
What Are They Doing Now (another informal survey of grown unschoolers and Sudbury alumni, and the careers they went into)

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