Why We're Homeschooling
How I Came to Unschooling

The background

We are a family of four-- myself, my husband, and our 2 boys, Donovan (7yrs old) and Quinn (4yrs old). My 'regular" blog can be found over here. I'm using this space as a quieter spot to think and explore "out loud" as we travel down this path of unschooling, well, all of us.

We are historically a montessori family-- I am trained as a teacher, and D went to Montessori preschool through kindergarten. At that point we stood at a crossroads: public school, private  montessori school, or homeschooling? For a variety of reasons (see post above) we opted to try homeschooling. We "officially" started the fall of 2014. For this first year we had Q going to a montessori preschool in the mornings, but we've recently decided to have him not continue for the 2015-2016 school year so both boys will now be home full-time.

The name

The peregrine falcon has been one of their favorite animals, ever since they watched the Wild Kratts episode on them. We've read many books about them since, and got to see one at a bird conservatory in NH. When it came time to think of a name for our homeschool (California allows homeschooled families to either sign up with a charter school, or set themselves up as their own private school. We're opting for the latter) I asked D for his thoughts, and he chose Peregrine Falcon Academy as our homeschool name.

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